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Find the Best Adult Web Hosting (Porn Hosting) of 2021!

best adult hosting 2021

Did you know that 70% of the people connect adult web hosting with porn? In reality adult content is not restricted to porn. Basically any website which is dealing with services and goods dedicated to those with legal adult age of 18 (or 21) is considered adult content, that include but is not limited to firearms, gambling, alcohol, tabacco etc.

Regardless if the website is not selling products which are age-restricted, the advertising and content require webmasters and website owners to look for web hosting providers who allow adult content. Many web hosting providers doesn't allow any type of adult content to be hosted on their network, and often they restrict it with various terms of servcices with which their customers agree to comply upon signing up for web hosting.

We have collect and review adulthosting.com providers which are ok with the adult hosting or porn hosting at general.

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Vicetemple Review 2021 is it the best Adult hosting?

27 Old Gloucester St

ViceTemple is dedicated to adult website hosting. Their business is established in early 2016 by a group of enthusiasts with over nine years of experience in the offshore hosting and adult hosting industry. With a relatively small team of just 12 persons and a private data center in the heart of Amsterdam, it serves over 300 Adult websites and platforms. Vicetemple offers adult website development services, as well. Their only supported language is English.

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"Best Adult Hosting Provider 2021" WHAT IS ADULT HOSTING?

Adult hosting is web hosting for individual or businesess who want to launch a site with services or goods that are available only for 18+ years old. As example, adult video hosting providers allow video content of 18+ nudity.

The industry which is focused to adults is competitive and large, As per the latest estimations, roughtly 6% of all the web traffic is related to just that, adult content. However, due to various legal restrictions in different countries around the globe it is not easy to find the best adulthosting.com solution.


To begin with, not all web hosting providers allow dult content. If you choice to go with a webhosting which doest allow such cointent and you decide to ignore the terms of service, your web hosting account will be banned without warnings and most likely there will be also legal consequences.

In addition, websites with adult content often requires higher bandwidth and more security (DDOS protection) due to the nature of the content, which often include but is not limited to images and video streaming. Some of the best adult hosting providers have specially designed packages to meet the needs of any adult website.

Finally, the security part is critical, both for online payments and protection of the so sensitive data of the visitors from hackers.

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