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Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Services of 2021

Our in-house experts together with thousands of paying customers are reviewing different DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers.

If you have content that is subject of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown requests, you MUST look into DMCA ignored hosting providers. Web hosting companies that ignore DMCA and are DMCA protected has its advantages over your local hosting provider as it gives you peace of mind that your online activity is legal due the fact that DMCA is not a factor in the web hosting company location.

Keep on mind that there are also disadvatages, so if you have any questions related to dmca ignored hosting and which anonymous hosting is right for you, our web hosting gurus can help! Just email us at office AT besthostingtalk.com

For those of you who already know that you need offshore dmca ignored hosting, our BestHostingTalk experts have scrap the Internet and have found the best DMCA ignored web hosting providers for your content!

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The Top 7 Countries that Ignore the DMCA as of 2021

When the mastermind behind ThePirateBay had achieved years of success, he was convinced he was out of the line of sight of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). Gottfrid Svartholm, hosted his website in Sweden and felt safe that the non-stringent nature of his home country, would keep him from the legal assault that he was next faced with. The FBI brought his website to a crashing end after raiding the Stockholm Datacenter. He was then slapped with a lawsuit and served jail time. All this happened in a Swedish court following Swedish rules.

Unfortunately, this type of occurrence is common and so there is a continuous hunt to identify the countries who will show more tolerance, or even turn a blind eye to content protected by the DMCA. Note that countries do not necessarily permit the use of DMCA-protected material. Some just intentionally focus their attention in the opposite direction of these incidents. The list of countries that show this type of tolerance is constantly changing, and sometimes even the hosts themselves will shut down your website and turn you over to the authorities. A good hosting service you can use is Shinjiru. Shinjiru, like others listed at best DMCA ignored hosting companies, ignores the DMCA. But apart from the hosting company itself, the country of the host needs to be among countries that ignore the DMCA.

The Top 7 countries Ignored by the DMCA are as follows:

  • 1. The Netherlands – The Netherlands is all about freedom of speech and privacy. Political websites and DMCA content thrive here.
  • 2. Luxembourg – Many companies in this country have a service promise of maintaining your materials and content on the servers, always. The DMCA is not regarded here in Luxembourg.
  • 3. Bulgaria – In Bulgaria, the government is pretty lenient with copyright laws, and so many people take advantage of this.
  • 4. Russia – American copyright laws are fully disregarded in Russia
  • 5. Hong Kong – Hong Kong is known for its bootleg copies of copyright work. They have a similar approach to hosting companies.
  • 6. Singapore – Southeast Asia’s hosting capital The hosting capital is Singapore. They operate freely and host many offshore hosts, even those that are DMCA ignored.
  • 7. Malaysia – The great thing about Malaysia is that there is anonymity since no personal information is requested. Payments are made in untraceable currencies like bitcoin, and to add, their system of copyright does not consider the DMCA.
  • The Netherlands

    In the Netherlands, you can feel safe that there is a commitment to freedom of speech and the privacy of all citizens. The Netherlands operate by their own copyright laws and tend to ignore the DMCA. Politically motivated websites are just about never taken down, and once you follow the most reliable hosts, you will find that this really is one of the top DMCA ignored countries.

    However, it is important to note that some hosts prefer to shut down your website if any legal issues arise. This saves them the hassle of legal court hearings.


    Luxembourg shares many similarities with the Netherlands concerning being a DMCA ignored country. This country has its own copyright laws, and as with the Netherlands, Luxembourg tends to give its own copyright laws higher precedence than the US copyright laws. The interesting thing to note though is that cost of living is so high here, that DMCA lawyers prefer to charge people from other countries.


    Despite the fall of the Soviet Union, US law is not necessarily respected in Bulgaria. There is pretty much open defiance to copyright claims and boasting that DMCA content will never be taken down. However, there is a concern that hosts may give up their clients to the authorities if there is enough financial incentive. This is due to the ranking that places Bulgaria as a forerunner for corruption, globally. Also, when it comes to political content, it might be wise to avoid the more eastern countries and work with Western democratic countries.


    If your website is politically motivated, don’t even think about hosting in Russia. The government will immediately shut down any such content. But on the other hand, when it comes to the DMCA, in Russia, there seems to be no DMCA. Piracy is very commonplace and highly tolerated.

    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong, which is geographically a part of China, but almost like the rebel child, having jurisdictional independence, hosts DMCA content readily. This is in total contrast to mainland China where nothing can be hosted. A DMCA case in Hong Kong is very likely to be ignored. Political content cannot be hosted in Hong Kong, however. This is of course due to the political tensions between Hong Kong and Mainland China


    The irony of Singaporean law is that you are more likely to be incarcerated for chewing and spitting out gum than you will be for hosting content protected by the DMCA. The government is very lenient with hosting providers and as a result, many businesses looking to expand in East Asia use Singapore as their nesting ground. Hostinger, FastComet, leaders in hosting, operate alongside many other offshore web hosting providers that ignore the DMCA. The risk here though, is that Singaporean law still considers copyright as something to be protected and these laws can be used against you.


    Talk about the top protection and invisible barrier that makes you untouchable from DMCA lawyers! In Malaysia, local companies promise bulletproof services to customers all over the world. They provide the service of untraceable accounts, untraceable payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and total anonymity. The only law that matters in Malaysia is Malaysian law. There is no risk of lawsuits over DMCA. Malaysia is a great location for all of East Asia and the Oceanic countries.

    It’s not just about the Country, the Host Matters too.

    At the end of it all, the hosting company is the one that really decides whether or not it should take down your website. Being in a country that has little regard for DCMA is a good start, but you must also have a company that chooses to fight for your website rather than just take it down at the first sign of trouble.

    Some hosting companies also compromise the security they offer for slow unreliable service. Speed and reliability need to be part of the package as well.

    When you are looking for a good outstanding offshore web host, you need to find those who are also committed to throwing out the notices from the DMCA. Make sure to check out my list of the best DCMA ignored hosts to find the most suitable host who will carry your content in an ideal location for your target audience.

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