A2 Hosting Review 2020 - Worth your money and Trust?

The Green Web Hosting provider Shows plenty of Promise!

A2Hosting is an eco-friendly web host that is focused to the green - eco audience and not only, offering anything from Dedicated Servers to VPS and Shared Hosting. The big question? Is it the right web hosting provider for you?

A2 Hosting is in the hosting industry since 2003, and since 2007 A2 Hosting is providing 101% carbon-neutral services. Yes! It's 100% green company!

Within A2 Hosting web-site you can choose from a large type of hosting packages, including VPS, Reseller, WordPress , Dedicated servers and of course Shared Hosting. With locations in Asia, Europe and U.S.

All hosting packages come with 99.99% uptime guarantee, and as claimed by A2Hosting with up to 20X faster performance. And if anything goes bad, there is a crew of tech geeks team available 24/7 to help you with any issue you have. If you're like us, you might be wondering now "Ok, guys.. this is just too good", especially with their cheap low prices starting as low as $2.99 for shared web hosting and just $5.00 for Virtual Private Server (VPS). But we are not pessimists, correct? Let's just say that we are realists at least :).

Well, We decided to signup for an A2Hosting web hosting plan and see for our self. We tested the performance, loading speeds and tried out all the fancy features that are included. Interested to find out more? Continue reading to find what We learned and what are the results of A2 Hosting and to answer your question "If A2Hosting is the right web hosting provider for your web site".


A2Hosting Offers Some Awesome Features

The A2Hosting plans cover everything that a beginner will need - you've got free migrations, free SSL certificates, automatic backups, free domain registration and a lot more.

All hosting plans come with unmetered storage and bandwidth, so you can scale your web site without worrying. However, the Lite Hosting plan is limited to one domain/website, but with all the other plans, you can host as many web sites and databases you want.

If you are planning to host an e-shop site, you should know that A2Hosting is not supporting PCI, which means that you will have to use a third party secure cart API.

20x Turbo Servers what does that mean?

The Turbo boosted hosting plans, and VPS plans run on the so called A2 Hosting Turbo servers. According to them, these specially optimized dedicated nodes will provide up to 20x faster website loading than standard web hosting servers. Of course, you should know that 9 out of 10 times when you are hosting your website on VPS with fewer users and with more resources, you will experience the same performance boost and stability. Is the 20x Turbo a marketing trick? Yes definitely (Ups, sorry A2).

However, the boost might be coming from premium hardware and the newest servers. And since these days, every second matters upgrading to Turbo is indeed a good idea.

First class Infrastructure

A2 Hosting has not one , not two but four global data centers, located in Europe, Asia and U.S.

All servers are configured with at least 64GB RAM and 12 CPU cores. SSD disks in RAID 10 for better redundancy and many more. To top it off, all dedicated machines are connected via 10GB/s quadruple reduntant network backbone, what does that mean? SPEED!
All that are buffed with the latest hosting technologies like a Google-Developed content delivery standard (SPDY) , HTTP/2 and ESI. The bad news? These cute features are restricted to A2 Turbo boosted hosting plans.

Top-Notch Security!
A2's plans come with a number of security tools to keep your web site safe from malware and hackers. The HackScan which is included for free is a proactive threat detector and removal tool. Patchman is another excellent tool used for alerting you in case of outdated software and takes care of patching vulnerabilities. Oh yeah, there is also a brute force and dual firewall in place.

Futurish Hosting - Green Hosting
Ok, we have to admit that being green is not easy, but you can stand against everyone else and choose the right hosting. A2 as a business cooperates with carbonfund.org and is doing everything to decrease the carbon footprint - from telecommuting to recycling its outdated servers.
Your site will be placed on Solid State Disk Drive (SSD), which is not only providing better reliability and performance but also uses much less energy.



What is the A2 Hosting Performance?

A2Hosting provides more than excellent Performance!

Yes, we know that this is a strong statement but let's see the facts.

A2 Hosting provides above-average uptime and website loading speed, but can it compete with the top hosting providers?

A2Hosting uptime guarantee is 99.99% backed by SLA (credit system). For every 60min of downtime after the first 0.1 percent, you get five percent of your monthly payment back.

Although there are users who have report downtime in the past, the uptime was still around 99.5% during these times. It looks that A2 has solved that issue and now is nearly flawless.

Our WordPress test site scored an A using the Sucuri page load speed tester, with A+ as the highest grade. Of course, reading the A2 Hostings website promises, it can leave you disappointed but then again, We weren't using their Turbo boosted plan!

Our average website loading time was 0.778 seconds, which is under the 1 second threshold that we have set as a target, so can we complain? Absolutely NO! Results were impressive across US with the Dallas one coming at 0.218 seconds.


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