Interserver Review 2020 is it the best hosting provider?

Can InterServer Offer your Website Real Power that is needed to Succeed online?

When you first look over InterServer's cheap shared hosting plans, it's very easy to get suspicious. It is possible a price tag of $1.00 monthly to net you with unlimited resources, powerful security tools and useful extra features? Alright, What's the catch guys?

Did you know that InterServer has over 20 years of web hosting experience and one of the biggest players in the web hosting industry? They offer everything, from Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Reseller plans to Shared Hosting and Dedicated servers. All that within their four US located data centers.

Ok, what is the short story? InterServer provides amazing services that might be exactly what you are looking for. We did encounter some fancy surprises, so would be better keep reading to find out what exactly you can expect as a client.


InterServer Offers Powerful Extras and Unlimited Resources

InterServer's shared web hosting comes in two types: Windows Hosting, which is described as ASP.NET, Linux Hosting named Standard Web Hosting. Popular CMS and WordPress perform better on Linux Hosting, Windows Shared Hosting is mostly for projects that depents on ASP.NET or MSSQL, which are Microsoft technologies.

For the purpose of our InterServer review, We jumped for the Standard Web Hosting plan for just $1.00. Believe us, the $1.00 includes a lot (and when we are saying a lot we mean A LOT) of cool features, but the best one is the unlimited amount of hardware resources!

Of course, unlimited doesn't mean that you can store all your medias and computer backups on your account. Unlimited on InterServer have a fair use policy, which means that you don't have to worry about the day-to-day resource needs of your website.

Although great, it also doesn't mean that you will be able to stay with shared web hosting and keep growing your website forever. One successful and viral website requires more RAM and CPU resources, the reason of that is that the resource needs increase with the simultaneous visitors. If that happens (and we hope that it will happen) you will have to upgrade/move to a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

What else? InterServer is one of these hosting providers who care about the security of its users and their visitors, they offer completely FREE SSL certificates. The hosting provider includes Let's Encrypt SSL with EACH SHARED WEB HOSTING ACCOUNT. As you may know, SSL certificate is a must for e-commerce stores, that way you are ensuring your visitors privacy and of course better Google Serp Ranking. The SSL cert is not pre-installed, but when we spoke with the Support Department they was more than happy to configure it for us for FREE.

Comparing it to Hostinger, InterServer uses cPanel as control panel for all linux accounts, that means one-click installations of Joomla, WordPress, the cute SitePad Builder, and decades of other Content Management Systemns (CMS). If you are switching to InterServer from another web hosting provider, you have nothing to worry about as InterServer provides FREE website migrations with all their plans.

Ease of Use

Is InterServer User Friendly?

It's obvious that InterServer features-wise packs are a serious punch. But are all these extras as easy to use? Well, "yes". There are some hiccups, but generally speaking. We have not encountered any real issue. 

Picking Your Hosting Plan

Many hosting providers have exactly the same tactic, and they are offering a huge list of quite similarly sounding web hosting plans with tiny differences. But thankfully that is not the case with InterServer, since they have only ONE Shared Hosting plan! Just One!

Creating a New Account with InterServer

After selecting Standard Shared Web Hosting, it was time to create a customer account. The wizard and the process was very short and generic, and after adding our domain name, credit card information and details, our account was created. But, our hosting plan wasn't active yet.

We were not sure why. And we couldn't find any information related to that in our account dashboard. We decided to wait, thinking that maybe the service activation process takes a bit longer, but after almost two hours, everything remained exactly the same.

Since we don't like waiting we contacted the support, which took more than an hour to reply back. The InterServer agent explained that our CC needed to be verified and that the payment had not actually been made yet. We did try to verify it, but, we ended switching to PayPal instead. The PayPal payment was instantly accepted, and our web hosting was activated (finally). The total time from signup to activation, including the CC issue? Yes, you guessed it! Four hours! We wish it was easier, although we understand that they are doing their best to fight credit card frauds.

Installing WordPress and Connecting a Domain

Once our account was activated, We found our self a bit less enamoured with the hosting service. We was wondering what else would go wrong? Luckily, everything else was like a smooth sailing. We found InterServer's nameservers in our dashboard, and after updating them into our domain registar dashboard, our web hosting was connected in no time.


Installing WordPress was just a walk in the park with Softaculous (Yes, Thank you Softaculous!), and the installation took no more than a minute. The only annoying thing with it is that the default folder destination is public_html/wp/, so you have to remember to remove the "wp" part. In case you don't do that, your website domain name won't open your website. Visitors will be to add that /wp after the domain manually, and to fix it you will need to delve into the MySQL database or reinstall WordPress.

InterServer WordPress Installation


InterServer Provides, Fantastic Speeds and Perfect Uptime in North America, and overall excellent Performance in most countries of Western Europe.

For your website visitors, it is all about two things, page uptime and page loading speed. They don't care for anything else related to your hosting.

Our website was a basic standard WordPress running a basic theme, hosted on InterServer's New York data center (Secaucus). With a few non-optimized images in HD, some basic text, not different from the most homepages on the web. Testing such website is giving us good idea of what we can expect from InterServer as a hosting provider. Now, We did test our website right after We uploaded it, but the results was average.

As usual, we gave InterServer the same courtesy we give to all hosting providers here at BestHostingTalk and we asked the support department if they could do something to improve our speeds.

The support team performed some additional optimizations, and, following his advice, We also activated the free CDN integration of Clouflare. The results here after the optimization and CDN activation had taken place.

Let's begin with uptime. InterServer promises a 99.99% uptime guarantee, promising to reimburse you if it goes lower than that. Again with Uptime Robot, We tracked our site uptime for several weeks. The results was a perfect 100% (!!!) uptime.

On the website loading speed tests. We again used GTmetrix and Sucuri Load Time Tester to gauge the loading of our new website. We picked the closest available GTmetrix server which in our case was Dallas, Texas, but the loading times were quite the same testing from London or Vancouver.

Our website scored a "B" rating and a 0.85s loading time which is indeed great, and it would've been possible to cut it more with optimizing our images, which means that InterServer did its part with all necessary optimizations on the server level.

What do we understand with the results? Well, first and foremost, for Canadian and US visitors, InterServer is indeed an excellent choice. From initial connection to the complete loading of the website, we're getting amazing loading times.

Outside of N.America, results very. Western Europe still gets average speeds, but for Australia, South America and Asia, there's very little hope. Keep in mind that these results are with CloudFlare CDN active, and still Tokyo and Sydney aren't getting any love.

To summerise all the results - great loading time in North America and Western Europe , perfect uptime. For anywhere else, well InterServer probably isn't the best choice. of course that can be due to Cloudflare bad CDN in that areas.

InterServer's Support Department Isn't Bad, but the Live Chat isn't that great!

InterServer presents itself as an All American Web Hosting Company, and they manage to showcase pictures of its team all overt their website. The Support department is available 24/7 through live chat, support tickets and emails (although for live chat there was a lot of times where the "team was not available"). InterServer also operates native speaking call centers in England, Israel, Brazil, Mexico City and the US. They also have a great knowledge base, but it lacks organization and We couldn't find any relevant answers to our questions.

As always, during our tests, We contacted the support department quite frequently and ended up being very impressed with some of the InterServer Support agents. As far as We could tell, technical support is divided into two tiers, and you really want to speak with the right professionals if you're going to get real help.




InterServer's Cheap Hosting Plans include everything you need

InterServer is one of the fairest web hosting providers We've had the pleasure of testing. There are lot of ways web hosting provider can manipulate you into spitting more cash, and We was delighted to see that InterServer have a moral and takes the honest approach - we did not receive any upsell attempts, hidden fees or sneaky cheap marketing.

Another thing that differs with InterServer versus its competitors is that they have Price lock guarantee. Many other hosting providers lure you in with a very low entry price (see Namecheap or Godaddy), but charge up to five times more when it's time for hosting renewal. With InterServer, you don't have to worry about such things. The price you signup for the service is the price you will be paying.

Are the prices any good? Well, we are glad that you asked. The one shared web hosting plan, is extremely affordable and cheap, at $1.00 per month! Of course it is possible to find cheaper plans with other hosts, but given all the extra features included in the web hosting plan, InterServer provides phenomenal value for money and it comes with cPanel and not any cheap custom alternative.

Their Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans are also available for not much than the web hosting price, starting at $6.00 per month, sure their more advanced VPS and Dedi servers are more in line with their competitors in the VPS hosting industry. 

The prices for dedicated servers start at $49.00 per month, and it comes with good CPU / RAM and Storage.

The subscription terms are monthly, three months, six months, yearly, two years and three years. You will get a better discount signing up for more extended period (you can save up to 20%), but we believe that the month to month subscription is exactly what you need to keep things flexible.


If you go for a year or longer, you will be happy to know that there will be an option to purchase a heavily discounted domain name as well.

You can pay using Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and of course, PayPal. There's a 30-day money-back no question asked guarantee available with all plans!

Shared Hosting $1.00
VPS Hosting $6.00


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